Decimal Reference

My top math group has reached 5th grade addition, subtraction and place value concepts. Woo Hoo! I'm super proud of them :)

The 5th grade curriculum contains  A LOT of decimal work. My kiddies were feeling quite confident with whole number place value but there's something about that decimal point that can really cause them to feel unsure about their work.

We spent a few minutes one math class creating a visual they could keep in front of them while working and it has made all of the difference!

It's pretty straight forward. The names of the place values are written on the top flap and on the bottom the amount is shown in money and decimal form. Ignore the little boxes. Some of the boys got it in their mind that there should be a little check box for each place value. I'm not sure what it's for but if it makes them happy, so be it! The larger boxes at the bottom are so we can put little 1 inch by 1 inch numbers in them to create decimal numbers. They use this when they are doing a worksheet or independent practice and they need just a little boost to understand what a number represents. The kids just lay out the numbers in the corresponding place values and then they can see the value of each digit. 

I put out a number of other posts on decimal numbers and fraction relationships if you would like to take a look there as well: 

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Parent teacher conferences start today so no kiddos on Thursday or Friday of this week! My room will be sparkly clean and organized because with a small class, I have a small number of conferences as well! I've been building my to do list for today for WEEKS and now it's just a matter of getting it all done. 

Hope your week wraps up well! 


  1. We are just finishing up a chapter on decimals and fractions and my students could use some review. The games you mentioned will be a perfect & fun way to revisit the concept as we progress on to other lessons. I'll be downloading soon! Thanks!

    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Click back to my blog to learn more.


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