Fractions... In Space!!! A freebie!

This turned into quite the long winded post... if you can make it to the bottom... there is a freebie! It's worth your time!

Last week my students really learned the meaning of the word "independent". The first week and two days we began to learn procedures and routines. The kiddies were testing my boundaries but I know that consistency now will pay off this year for both me and my students!!

This week they came in knowing where to go, what to do, and... to some degree... what was expected of them throughout the week. By the end of the week they were starting to look like that well oiled, hard working, major learning machine that I want in a classroom!

In math I follow a set of 3 rotations for my students. Although two are guided by an adult it still took time for them to understand when to rotate, where to rotate, and what was expected at each station! The kids come to me for a 30 minute direct lesson of new material. We also do (or start) guided practice at this station.

The second station is working with my TA. The kids start by reviewing their morning work. I have my third graders currently working on my easiest morning work pack.

My fifth graders are reviewing their skills from last year and ramping up for new learning.

After they review their morning work, they finish any guided practice that they did not finish with me and then move on to their center stations. **I'm going to talk more about the center stations and that's where I get to the freebie, and if you really are reading, that's probably why so I'll get to it. The last center is anti-climatic, they go on the computer on a fantastic fact fluency program that our whole school subscribes to....

Now, on to the centers.
The math tub centers are games created to reinforce the direct instruction I am giving when students are with me. They are designed to promote math fluency with a variety of skills and understandings. My 3rd graders are currently working on dinosaur themed centers that teach early multiplication skills. I talked about those centers here some time last summer. The kids love them, I love them, I'll probably do a post on them some time in the near future.

Dinosaur Multiplication - Arrays, Skip Counting & Equal Groups

My 5th graders are currently working on fraction skills. We started by reviewing what they already knew about adding and subtracting fractions and related that to fractions on the number line. The Common Core is HUGE on understanding fractions on a number line and this was a new way of thinking for some of my kids. So, I whipped up this outer space themed addition  game for them!

The kids pick a game board and grab a little rocket. Pretend that these are cut out... it makes more sense if they are cut out :)
 Then they grab the corresponding addition task cards. The kids start their game piece on the first fraction and then move up based on the second fraction. You have to pretend these cards are cut apart too :)
 The kids then write the full equation on their recording sheet. There are three other sets of task cards and three other recording sheets to correspond with the other three game boards pictured above.
My 5th graders have been very successful with this activity. To be honest, I know it is a bit easy for them. BUT it has been a great introduction to understanding how fractions work on a number line and this will allow them to more easily move on to more difficult number line/ fraction skills!

Would you like to play this game with your kids? Well, lucky for you, I just figured out how to post fan freebies on my Facebook page and I was itching to give something away! Head over to my page via the FB link at the top right side of the sidebar and click on the "Fan Freebie" link. Come back here and tell me how you like the game!

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