Place Value Freebie!

Thank you for sticking with me through my transition from Polka Dots & Teaching Tots to The Math Spot! I have a gift for you for sticking around :)

It's a place value game for your 4th & 5th grade students! I created this politically correct version of hangman to play with my students at the beginning of the school year because place value is one of the first topic we will study. Students NEED to know the names and relationships between the periods on the place value chart. This game will help to orient to students to the place value chart and get them to start using appropriate place value vocabulary.

These place value cards are cut apart and put into a deck face down. The student playing the teacher gets to hold onto these cards. They choose one card to begin the game. 

The student playing the guesser guesses a digit. The teacher tells them if the digit is in their number. If the digit IS in the number, they tell them which place value or place values the digit goes in. I would recommend laminating this sheet for repeated plays! 

If the digit the guesser guesses is NOT in the number, the guesser has to cross out a balloon. If all of the balloons are crossed out, the girl jumps into the pool! See, a little less violent :) Can your students guess the whole number before the girl jumps in the pool? 

I have included two versions so that students learning decimal numbers can play as well! 

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