FREE Math Activities To Use At Home.... Without Any Screentime!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

If you are looking for quick, fun, meaningful math activities to use at home for your 1st or 2nd grader, I've got you covered.

And no, not a single one of the activities requires any screen time at all!

And no, it won't cost a cent. Absolutely and completely free.


So here's the basic At Home Math gist:

  • Each day you will pick an activity strip. 
  • Do the activity on the strip with the aid of my "helpful tips" they'll let you know why the activity is so useful to your child and their learning! 
  • After you have completed the activity, turn the activity strip into a loop and add it to the activity chain. Every day as your child practices, sharpens their skills, and grows- the activity chain will grow as well! 
Activities range from making a picture graph of a load of laundry to making an "addition machine" with paper towel rolls. The activities are set to match specific first grade and second-grade math skills so they will be geared towards the work your child will benefit from most! 

And one last thing. 

I will be on Instagram Monday - Friday for the next 4 weeks (starting 3/16/2020) sharing these activities for 1st and 2nd graders each day so we can walk through the activities together! Join me @themathspot! 


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